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Experience and
technological innovation.
We face new challenges every day alongside the major industry. We offer concrete opportunities and solid and consistent with your needs.
“The tradition is only a good innovation
that is perpetuated in time.”
Piergiulio Brocani
70 years of business are certainly a good starting point towards the future. An experienced rich experiences that allows us today to find a solution to any market demand.
Summarize this experience is the best way to describe the fruits of a long career and a continual search for effective and efficient solutions for major industry that for small and medium-sized enterprises.
A story of great success.
1945 – 60’s. From the date of Foundation of our first factory we get important results on the market immediately. We are the first in Italy to achieve variable data labels and become exclusive Italian hand labellers “Meto”.
70’s. Born “Packlist”, a company totally suited to printing labels. Here come the big clients, labels “Lubiam”. First company in Europe to use the gravure printing to produce self-adhesive labels in coupled aluminium paper. Reviews “Tic Tac”, 2 billion copies in one year.
80’s. We are pioneers in introducing repositionable adhesives market, reviews “Ferrero Rocher”. We receive the International Prize “Finat” printed in rotogravure printing of the label “Coppertone”.
90’s. Establishment of “any printing South” in Palomonte. Creating an innovative multipack for “Kinder” which greatly reduces the dimensions of the traditional packaging.
2000. “Heineken” Labels printed in gravure printing with previous production costs savings, a billion and a half of labels made to date. First to fly the Chinese competition for quality and price devising an innovative printing process on synthetic fabric, reviews “MPG”.
Today. We are a company in continuous growth, unique in Italy to use and possess inside all gravure printing systems, off set, flecso, digital, screen printing.
Technology, equipment and new printing techniques are the standard equipment of every company that deals with this area. Everyone can acquire them, everyone can use them. The “know-how” or “know-how” is the plus that every good company should have.
This “know-how” is not affordable. It is only with the experience acquired through years of continuous and constant activity, through years of research and solutions to the multiple problems that every business faces for the launch of a new product, for the redesign of an existing one, or simply the reduction and optimization of the production costs.
Why choose us? Simply because we represent the tradition, this, your future.
The right machine
for your every need.
We have over eighty print groups developed on cross platforms independent of.
• Gravure print (great productions)
• Typography
• Offset
• Screen Printing and Plain Flexographic Rotary
• Digital Finishing
• Cutting
• Painting
• Lamination
• Embossing
• Hot
• Security hologram control system
Sistemi di Controllo
• Automatic log Bobst
• AVT vision system
• Viscosity meters
• Color
• Ispection control
A constant search
of first place.
For us quality is not a mere conformity to ISO standards.
The perfect everyday with the professional experience, the scrupulously check with State-of-the-art systems, the strict principles we defend and implement through continuous research.
Customer Service.
Call us or send an email, our expert is available for any clarification.