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A healthy passion
for labels.

The feeling that we share each day with all our clients, from large multinational industry to small family-run company.

A happy combination.


Versatility, Experience, Quality.

The particular combination of these three fundamentals is what makes our work recognisable. We produce labels with high quality standards, as a result of the long experience which leads our career through the continuous research of advanced solutions, for the pleasure of the innovation and to enhance the know-how.

Perfect labels
for any circulation.

Behind every label there is a world of diligent care, because the success of a brand is in the details, like the choice of the materials, the colour performance and the possibility of an industrial scale production.

We perfectly know that each company, from the large multinational to the small local one, is on the continuous research of the best value for money. A functional necessity that involves the optimization of the supply chain and, where possible, cost savings.

Over the years, we have brilliantly faced and solved this issue obtaining remarkable savings in production costs. Our expertise includes the whole panorama of manufacturing and commodities: beverage, biomedical, chemistry, cosmetics, construction, food, mechanical and textiles.

We adapt to
all your needs.


“no-label look”

In 2013 Heineken decided to change the traditional label for a “no-label look”, a label that could appear screen-printed but with all the valuable features of the previous version.

The idea. To move the new label production on a rotogravure machine, obtaining remarkable savings in production costs and use of raw materials. The necessary condition is, obviously, to keep the quality of the label unaltered.

The standards. Heineken demand has been strict and accurate: substitution of the silver foil with an ink-based one, maintaining all the features unaltered (mirror effect); very low foil gauge (reducing the costs of material and the impact on the environment); label resilience to scratches and external agents (bubbles or temperature leaps); quick label application for the new line production.

The solution. Only three companies in Europe could completely satisfy the requests and Drorys Packlist was one of them. To date, we still produce “no-label look” label for Heineken.


Kinder surprise
“new concept game”

In 2010 MPG has been developing a new “concept game” for the toys surprises within the chocolate eggs worldwide.

The idea. To use a printing tissue with low impact on the environment and able to incentivize kids to play, endorsing the dynamical phase.

The standards. To fulfil its project, MPG activated a trial phase searching for an ideal partner able to satisfy all the standards demanded: the printed tissue must not release odours and/or ink; it must respect the strict regulation EN 71 ; it must fully satisfy the policy of the national institute for toy safety; if possible on an eco-friendly tissue.

The solution. China seemed the obvious answer, and numerous attempts were made, but the quality of the product and the production standards did not meet the required features. MPG submitted the project to us and, after a first phase of trials and development, we were able to satisfy completely all the requirements of the client with some additional features: 100% Italian yarn, one step from the production to the press stage (high hygiene); costs equivalent to the Chinese market. We currently produce about one million pieces per year for MPG.


Customer Service.

Call us or send an email, our expert is available for any clarification.